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Dr. Almonte is one of the world’s first surgeons to utilize plasma energy in creating an instant tightening of the face and neck.  The J-Plasty procedure is a safe combination of neck liposuction and/or Precision Tx, which is a laser treatment that gives your face and jawline a defined look without a surgical face-lift, and J-Plasma technology, which employs plasma energy to tighten the skin immediately.



Plasma energy is truly the fourth state of matter. We are familiar with liquids, gases, and solids and now plasma. Plasma energy replaces traditional laser energy such as C02 laser by being able to deliver a more precise and controlled thermal energy. Just like the higher quality higher definition images of new TVs, plasma energy is able to give a higher quality effect in tightening skin and reducing fine lines while using less energy than a traditional C02 laser. Plasma is not a laser and is able to reach only a fraction (120 degrees Celsius) of the temperature of traditional C02 (800 degrees Celsius), while delivering twice the result. The secret lies within the helium molecule that is electrified which thereby creates the plasma energy.


For the J-Plasty procedure, you are given a light sedative, if needed, and the procedure is done with local anesthesia.  Precision TX and/or neck liposuction is done first through tiny, hidden incisions behind the ears and under the chin. This will break up or remove fat and stimulate collagen production. After this is done, plasma energy is used for instant tightening of the skin.


The procedure itself takes about an hour and only requires a few days of downtime.  Patients are able to resume their normal routines much faster than a traditional facelift. Results are seen immediately and will improve as your body continues to heal.

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